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The Class III Biological Safety Cabinet (also called a glovebox or isolator) was designed for work with Biosafety Level 4 microbiological agents and provides maximum protection for the environment and the worker.  It is a gas-tight enclosure with a non-opening view window.  Access for passage of materials into the cabinet is through a dunk tank that is accessible through the cabinet floor or double door pass-through box such as an autoclave that can be decontaminated between uses.  Reversing that process allows for safe removal of materials from the cabinet.  Both supply and exhaust air are HEPA filtered.  Exhaust air must pass through two HEPA filters or a HEPA filter and an air incinerator before discharge to the outdoors.  Airflow is best maintained by a dedicated independent exhaust system exterior to the cabinet which keeps the cabinet under negative pressure.


All testing and services are performed to NSF 49 specifications.

  • Performance testing of the cabinet including complete air flow analysis and filter and seal leak tests
  • Decontamination (paraformaldehyde) / HEPA vacuum cleaning of cabinets depending upon use
  • Complete repair and maintenance service including filter changes, and replacements of motors, gloves, switches, lights and ballast, and electronic boards


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